Damage Prevention

Damage prevention is the first goal of any utility locate. EM Utility Locating services saves our client’s the time and money involved with dealing with a utility damage. EM is proud to uphold Alberta’s leading damage prevention industry standards. 

Saving You Time & Money

The network of underground facilities spans millions of kilometers throughout Canada. The latest 2018 DIRT Report (Damage Information Reporting Tool) released the CCGA (Canadian Common Ground Alliance) estimates that the societal costs of reported damage to underground facilities is an estimated $1 billion per year in Canada alone.

$1 Billion


Cost of Reported Underground Facility Damage in Canada

What Services Require Locating?

Most properties have 5 or 6 main services: Gas, Power, Telecom, Cable, Water, and Drainage. Most of these service have private feeds as well, even on residential properties. In most cases, services to any detached garage, private lights, power lines, and water & drainage feeds aren’t covered by utility owners and are the responsibility of the contractor or property owner to ensure they are kept safe. Let EM’s expertise and experience ensure that your work is damage free from when the first shovel breaks ground to when the last pile of dirt covers it.

Want to learn more?

The team at EM Utility Locating has multiple decades of combined experience working with radar on jobs ranging from simple concrete exams, to site wide post-tension cable mapping alongside engineers, and full-scale locating of historical grave sites. EM Utility Locating focuses on damage prevention with our commercial partners, specializes in producing cost effective professional level services provided by industry experts, and leads the industry by providing deliverables that are at the leading edge of current technology as the standard with no extra cost.