GPR & Concrete Scanning

EM Utility Locating provides Ground-penetrating radar (GPR) concrete scanning and specialized subsurface locating to the Greater Edmonton Area and Alberta. Whether you are concrete cutting, core drilling, conduit locating, utility mapping, concrete density looking to avoid post tension cables, drilling new anchors, cutting holes in walls for HVAC, updating or completing as-builds, assessing subsurface void footprints, locating underground storage tanks (UST), determining rebar content of slabs and beams, updating new electrical, installing and trenching new drainage, or investigating build quality then GPR is your commercial solution.

GPR at EM Utility Locating provides many benefits to our clients over the obsolete concrete X-ray
examinations of the past, some of which include:

  • Quick and easy site deployment that does not disturb workers or affect the worksite.
  • Imaging and documentation that is clear, concise, understandable, and available to all partners.
  • Low-cost job solutions that are customization to any end-user or work scope.
  • Adaptable commercial options for any size or scope; from single conduit drilling to providing full data analysis for engineering and liability departments.

Our radar service provides full digital documentation, including site photos, as standard with no extra cost. We combine available technologies, including power detection and specific frequency locating, as standard with no extra cost. We are equipped with the smallest footprint radar unit in the industry, capable of scanning in tight spaces and in multiple directions, as standard with no extra cost.

Want more information?

The team at EM Utility Locating has multiple decades of combined experience working with radar on
jobs ranging from simple concrete exams, to site wide post-tension cable mapping alongside engineers,
and full-scale locating of historical grave sites. EM Utility Locating focuses on damage prevention with
our commercial partners, specializes in producing cost effective professional level services provided by
industry experts, and leads the industry by providing deliverables that are at the leading edge of current
technology as the standard with no extra cost.

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